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Education:  BSEE, with Distinction, Washington State University 1970


       35 years experience in the electric utility industry Positions held by Mr. Long include Hydroelectric Control Engineer, Power Resource Engineer, Power Planning Engineer, Power Manager, and Director of Power Management.  For the last 5 years, Mr. Long has been an independent consultant to electric utilities and resource developers.

       Resource planning Mr. Long has over 32 years experience in analyzing resource options and recommending an appropriate power supply and transmission portfolio to meet utility loads and load growth.  Mr. Long developed a project simulation model for Priest Rapids and Wanapum Dams that was used for several years as the principal model for evaluating generator additions and upgrades and operational changes at the dams.

       Power supply contract negotiation Mr. Long has negotiated short and long term power and transmission agreements with many public and private utilities in the western United States.  These include sales of power from large hydroelectric projects, firm and non-firm power sales, exchanges, and transmission agreements.

       Bonneville Power Administration contracts, policies and rate proceedings Mr. Long has nearly 30 years of experience in dealing with contracts, policies and rate proceedings with the Bonneville Power Administration.  This includes negotiating power purchase agreements, transmission agreements, general transfer agreements, participation in public processes, and giving testimony at rate hearings.

       Columbia River Treaty implementation Mr. Long has nearly 30 years of experience in negotiation and implementation of agreements related to the Columbia River Treaty.  These agreements include the Columbia Storage Power Exchange, Canadian Entitlement Allocation Agreements, Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement and Non-treaty Storage Agreement.  Mr. Long was chairman of the Mid-Columbia Participants during negotiation of the Canadian Entitlement Allocation Extension Agreements.

       Hourly Coordination Agreement This agreement provides for local coordination of seven dams in the mid-Columbia River.  Mr. Long has been involved in its implementation since 1973 and was a principal negotiator when it was renewed for an additional 20-year term.

       Operation of control areas Mr. Long has nearly 30 years of experience in metering, accounting and performance measurement of utility control areas.

       Hydroelectric project licensing Mr. Long was heavily involved in the preparation of the application for relicensing of the largest hydroelectric project licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  His activities included public involvement work groups, Exhibit B Project Operation and Resource Utilization, and studies supporting environmental impact exhibits.


       Power supply policy development and contract negotiation

       Resource planning, analysis and modeling

       Hydroelectric project operations, permitting and licensing

       Power system control and accounting

       Engineering economics

       Technical writing and presentation


Partial List of Past clients:

                Grant County PUD
                Chelan County PUD
                Kootenai Tribe of Idaho
                Grand Coulee Project Hydroelectric Authority
                Four Dam Pool Power Agency
                City of Ketchikan